Friday, March 27, 2009

Workin' for the Weekend

Since we have such long days during the week, we try and pack as much as we can in on the weekends. Everyday I hate work more and more. Lately I've been finding a number of creative ways to get out of the monotonous routine that working on medical equipment is. For example, last week I ran a 5K fun run just to miss an hour and a half of work. Ask yourself when the last time you chose to run instead of going to work was. I recently found out that I have grown a 3rd wisdom tooth and I have the option of getting it out. In no way is it affecting me but just to get out of 2 days of work I am opting to have unnecessary oral surgery. Times are tough people.
The weekends have become even more sacred than ever and Corey and I try to spend as much time outside of the house as possible. Since my roommate from Tech School, Ashley, came up for Corey's party we showed her around our part of Maryland. We went on a hike. The forests are still very bare and blah so the hikes aren't as pretty as I'm sure they will be this summer. Then we drove up to this cool Catholic monument at St. Mary's. There's a huge golden Virgin Mary and grotto and I guess someone had a Virgin Mary vision up there. I just love golden statues. There were a ton of golden Buddhas in Thailand and I loved them all. After the grotto we found a really pretty vineyard in the Sugarloaf mountains and stopped to check it out. After that Ashley had to drive back to Virginia so we just watched Desperate Housewives for the rest of the night. I got Corey hooked. It's like crack.

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