Thursday, April 15, 2010


This year I found a Brazilian store and did Easter Brasileiro style! We kind of ended up throwing away most of the candy but it was so fun buying it! I loved the store and it brought back so many memories. I miss Brazil a lot!

We went to Corey's brothers house and their side of the family has the cutest kids so I got to take pictures of them. We had a great time, like always, and are so glad we live close to them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


We got a late start on the cherry blossoms this morning so while trying to find parking we gave up and decided to go somewhere else. We're not very determined.
Corey didn't want to fight more traffic at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore so we decided to checkout the Maryland state capital. Once again, very historic and we read a bunch of informative placards. I looked at them, pretending to read as I usually do. Corey is taking American History right now so it was a little more relevant to him.
We scored free parking since EVERYONE was at the National Mall and had a nice time walking around Main St. We had the best crab dip in the world at McGarvey's Saloon & Oyster Bar then walked it off at the state capital building. It's the oldest one in the country that is still in legislative use. Not sure if that's why Maryland has the most ridiculous laws in the U.S. or if it's something else?
We highly recommend Annapolis to anyone in the area. There's lots of kayaking and other boating adventures available but we were not only not determined today, we were not adventurous either.