Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ausfahrt means Exit

I've been in Germany for a week now and I'm really liking it. So many new things to see, weird words to learn and confusing toilets to flush. I got my German driver's license but my car hasn't arrived yet, however, I'm a little nervous to drive. I'm not always sure who has the right of way here.
Corey isn't here yet so I've been house hunting alone which is a little stressful. It's hit and miss with houses here. I'm holding out for some of that floor heating though.
I had my first schnitzel and I'm just wondering how much weight I'm going to gain here. That schnitz is good! Also, it's winter so I need something to keep me warm.
I haven't done much except sleep, look for houses and other various "getting settled" type of activities, so I have no pictures or stories. Hopefully my next post will be a picture of me relaxing in my house on my furniture that I've missed so much for the past 5 months. Please let it be that.
PS. You're all still invited, but definitely don't visit in the winter.