Friday, March 27, 2009

Workin' for the Weekend

Since we have such long days during the week, we try and pack as much as we can in on the weekends. Everyday I hate work more and more. Lately I've been finding a number of creative ways to get out of the monotonous routine that working on medical equipment is. For example, last week I ran a 5K fun run just to miss an hour and a half of work. Ask yourself when the last time you chose to run instead of going to work was. I recently found out that I have grown a 3rd wisdom tooth and I have the option of getting it out. In no way is it affecting me but just to get out of 2 days of work I am opting to have unnecessary oral surgery. Times are tough people.
The weekends have become even more sacred than ever and Corey and I try to spend as much time outside of the house as possible. Since my roommate from Tech School, Ashley, came up for Corey's party we showed her around our part of Maryland. We went on a hike. The forests are still very bare and blah so the hikes aren't as pretty as I'm sure they will be this summer. Then we drove up to this cool Catholic monument at St. Mary's. There's a huge golden Virgin Mary and grotto and I guess someone had a Virgin Mary vision up there. I just love golden statues. There were a ton of golden Buddhas in Thailand and I loved them all. After the grotto we found a really pretty vineyard in the Sugarloaf mountains and stopped to check it out. After that Ashley had to drive back to Virginia so we just watched Desperate Housewives for the rest of the night. I got Corey hooked. It's like crack.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Secret Star

Saturday was Corey's Hannah Montana party. I don't know much about Hannah or Miley, for that matter, but I guess she's a secret star and that's what Corey was this weekend. Not only did his Guest of Honor ribbon say so, but I think these pictures prove it. We had a really fun party and we ate so much food. Corey made some delectable BBQ chicken and I made the most amazing cherry cobbler from a can and a box of bisquick. I'm a culinary genius. My roommate from Sheppard is now stationed at Langley and she drove all the way up for Corey's party. I was so excited to see Ashley again. We had some Sunday adventures but I don't want to confuse my blog readers with 2 days of pictures. I'll save that for the next exciting post.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who's a big boy?!

Corey is! Today is Corey's 23rd birthday and that makes me happy 'cause for 5 more months we're only FOUR years apart. Yes, I'm 4 1/2 years older than my fiance but it works since I'm immature :) I wish I could post some childhood pictures of Corey but I'm at work and don't have a scanner. I can promise you that he was the most adorable baby and child ever though. His mom gave me a picture of him when he was 8 and I carry it in my wallet. If our kids are going to be as cute as him we are having 5 instead of 2.
We're having Corey's birthday party on Saturday so I'll post those pics. They should be fun. Why? 'Cause I bought a pinata. Happy Birthday Corey. I love you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I only live about 30 minutes from Gettysburg and I guess being from the west and not having access to historic places like that makes them seem really, really cool. I remember a high school friend going out to the east coast just to do a civil war tour and I thought he was pretty cool. Well guess who's cool now? ME! and Corey. He's been there already so he showed me around. We drove out there and did the Auto Tour. We stopped at the museum first and of course I found about a million things at the souvenir shop I didn't need, so I bought them for my nephews. Corey thought we should QA them before we mailed 'em off so we wore a Union and a Confederate hat the whole time. Only a few intelligent people saw the humor in the hats and the rest of the Gettysburg visitors just stared with open mouths at us.

There are over 1,300 monuments out there so there is a lot of stuff to look at. There are several stops with plaques to read and lots of cannons. Little and Big Round Tops were my favorite part of the Auto Tour. I'm grateful that the Union won and that we no longer engage in warfare the way they did back then. At least you're not quite sure when you're going to die nowadays.
After our long day of Auto Touring, Corey took me out for sushi. He ordered this shell full of yummy scallops and spicy hot stuff and they lit it on fire! It was awesome. We've been pretty good about not eating out lately so this was a super treat. I ate so much sushi that I might not be able to have it for a while.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been pretty excited to check out the hiking around our new place. Frederick is pretty country (which I LOVE) and all I want to do is be outside. Last weekend it was pretty warm so Corey and I went up to Caledonia State Park to look around. We didn't do any research and so our first stop was pretty uneventful. The only exciting part about it was when I peed on my ankle and had to roll my pant leg up 'cause I could feel it touching my skin. I haven't had much practice peeing in the outdoors lately and all the lady readers know how difficult it can be.

We found a beautiful lake that we're going to go fishing at when it warms up for real. So far the weather has been getting warm enough to get your hopes up only to start snowing again and crush your dreams of it being spring time.

Here's a picture of Corey's new car. He misses the Evo but not the gas bill.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Corey and I went to a duck pond near our house last weekend. He has an unusual fondness for the animal kingdom. All I ever need to do to cheer him up is take him to any kind of animal life preserve. Zoos, duck ponds, pet stores, etc. Here is the proof.

Monday, March 2, 2009

AK Saturday

Corey and I went shooting on his brother's property last weekend. This was the first time I've ever shot an AK-47. I didn't really even know that people owned such guns. I kind of thought they were illegal but Corey owns a few Rambo guns. We also shot his new Glock 10 mm and we shot his Beretta .40 cal. I liked the Beretta the best. The Glock feels like it's going to fly out of your hands 'cause the handle is so short. I usually get scared right before I pull the trigger and dip my hands anticipating the kick and end up shooting the dirt but this time I managed to suppress my fears and hit the target a few times.
Corey believes that Obama will pass a bill that will make assault rifles illegal forever and has been trying to talk me into investing in M-4's, AK-47's and other expensive arms. I'm slightly convinced since one of my favorite movies is Red Dawn and just thinking about the chance of saving the world from the Russians is a my biggest dream! I think we'll just go with a 401K of some sort.