Monday, December 15, 2014

Pugly Sweaters

I put some real effort into this year's Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I made things, I organized 3 games (with prizes) and I went to 4 stores to find my Bah Hum Pug sweater vest. This is not typical for me. I'm pretty lazy and don't volunteer for much but it worked out well this year.
All 3 games ended with something or someone broken, so you know it was a success. Caution: Large marshmallows can hurt if hit directly in the face. Also, they will break a ceiling fan light bulb.
Janna is the one who really organized this party. I merely helped with 2 things. I don't know how people do it. I can barely plan a group outing with less than 8 people. The second someone starts asking questions or complicating the plan, I'm out. I get kind of combative too.
The entire weekend was great and I am so happy with my Alabama group of friends. It's terrible living so far away from my husband, but it definitely helps to have such a great support group.

Cute girls, ugly sweaters :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I flew to Tucson for Thanksgiving this year and met up with my whole family. It was a perfect trip; seamless and easy. Everyone had a great time, everyone was happy and we all ate a lot of food. My bro-in-law, Dave, organized a trip to the UA vs. ASU rivalry game the day after Thanksgiving. It was awesome and like always, we sat next to some very enthusiastic fans :) My favorite! Emotions ran high that day and there were some near altercations.
The 3 days flew by but I did manage to get some nephew/niece time, In-N-Out, Lindsay time, great weather and relaxing with my baby. I'm pretty sure that this cold I have came directly from the mouths of babes, because this exact same scenario occurred 3 years ago. Totally worth it though. My immune system always seems to get dominated by little children ninja germs.

Seats in the shade thanks to Dave's research!

2 of my sweet nieces. One of them ran away for the pic.

These guys were okay with sitting still :)

The pure joy of a 3 by 3 and animal style fries.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 2 of Being Sick and All is Lost!

Please tell me that everyone falls into deep despair and absolute anguish when they get a cold. Hahaha. I am on day 2 of this chest/head/nightmare cold and have lost all hope in life. I have missed 2 days of flying so now I'm launching down the imaginary road of what I'll do with my life since I'm going to get kicked out of flight school. Luckily it's Friday and I have the weekend to kick this thing.
I am now at the end of my Instruments phase and can't believe I've made it this far. My next phase is Basic Warrior Skills and also the most exciting part of flight school. I can't wait! I also can't wait for Christmas vacation because Corey and I are going to Ecuador and Peru for 2 weeks. It's been a whole year since I've traveled and I can't wait for some crazy adventures. I speak a little espanol, but not even enough to figure out how to type an enye.
Since I am sick I was feeling nostalgic, (just another symptom from the total desperation of feeling ill) I am posting old travel pics.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2003
Waterton, Canada 2005
Phuket, Thailand 2006

Chichen Itza, Mexico 2008

Metz, France 2011

Wewelsburg, Germany 2011

Amsterdam, Holland 2012

Lugano, Switzerland 2012

Florence, Italy 2012

Cinque Terra, Italy 2012

Cinque Terra, Italy 2012

Athens, Greece 2012

Santorini, Greece 2012

Mykonos, Greece 2012
Salalah, Oman 2013