Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I flew to Tucson for Thanksgiving this year and met up with my whole family. It was a perfect trip; seamless and easy. Everyone had a great time, everyone was happy and we all ate a lot of food. My bro-in-law, Dave, organized a trip to the UA vs. ASU rivalry game the day after Thanksgiving. It was awesome and like always, we sat next to some very enthusiastic fans :) My favorite! Emotions ran high that day and there were some near altercations.
The 3 days flew by but I did manage to get some nephew/niece time, In-N-Out, Lindsay time, great weather and relaxing with my baby. I'm pretty sure that this cold I have came directly from the mouths of babes, because this exact same scenario occurred 3 years ago. Totally worth it though. My immune system always seems to get dominated by little children ninja germs.

Seats in the shade thanks to Dave's research!

2 of my sweet nieces. One of them ran away for the pic.

These guys were okay with sitting still :)

The pure joy of a 3 by 3 and animal style fries.

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