Friday, August 27, 2010

Focus on Relaxation & Deep Breathing

Last Saturday I started off Birthday Weekend with my monthly massage. I go to Massage Envy and the therapist I like is Jordan. I didn't get my confirmation call on Friday so Saturday morning I called to make sure I still had an appointment. Massage Envy finds new ways to mess up my massage nearly each month.
I called and found out that Jordan had cancelled but a therapist named Natalie had an opening at 10. I reluctantly booked it because when I have a massage on my mind I can't change it. I was checking out all of the therapists as they were walking by, hoping that mine wasn't going to be most of them there. Finally a semi-normal young lady called my name and I followed her to the room. It was business as usual. She was a little weird but I was just hoping it would be a decent massage.
The massage started out okay and after a few minutes of warming up Natalie whispered, "Okay Carrie. I want you to focus on relaxing and deep breathing." Uh, kinda weird but I did go to massage school so it was no big deal. I guess to be an example of some kind of pattern to follow, she started breathing deeply too. Very deep breaths. One after the other. There was no massage going on while she was breathing so I was getting pissy. Not to mention her nose whistle was louder than a train so that made relaxing completely impossible.
She finally got on with the massage and it was okay but once again I learned to go with what you know. I will wait for Jordan.
After my massage, Corey took me shopping at the mall (which is pure torture for him), to a new winery for some taste testing and then to Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian restaurant in Baltimore. We had so much fun all day and I could barely walk out of that restaurant thanks to the endless swords of meat. Corey is the best at planning fun weekends and this one was perfect.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clay Pigeons

James and Courtney came up from Pittsburgh for the weekend. We went clay pigeon shooting, BBQ'd and almost swam, went to the horse races and to Rita's. Rita's is my motivation all week long to not eat sweets. This is my summertime dessert obsession this year. Gelati baby!!! Italian ice with frozen custard. It is the nectar of the gods and all week long I think about how delicious it's going to taste once it touches my lips.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Today marks the first day of birthday month. In my opinion, your birthday should be celebrated all month long and through some careful planning and strategic calculations I will be doing so. Selfish? Yes. Do I have kids? No. You put two and two together.
DSW, in its infinite wisdom and amazing marketing, sends out a $5 gift certificate on birthday month that is only valid during that month. For some reason this small gift forces us to purchase a pair of shoes. $5 is really not saving much, but I bet that 95% of people use their $5 birthday card. I've always known that I'm a sucker for marketing but I think this one gets a lot of people. Even the ones who aren't easily tricked!
I had been really wanting a pair of red, peep toe wedges and DSW must've known that's what I wanted with my $5 birthday certificate 'cause I found 'em! Please drool responsibly.