Sunday, November 11, 2012

Small Cities

Here are some pictures from my latest day trips. I love small cities. I always find a chocolate shop and have a few homemade delights and take pictures of all the beautiful buildings. The weather never really cooperates but if you wait for a sunny day here, you might never see another city.

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Echternach, Luxembourg

Echternach, Luxembourg

Getting ready for Christmas!

Art Nouveau sign in Echternach

Art Nouveau tiles above the windows

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Strasbourg, France

The weekend before Corey deployed we went on a day trip to Strasbourg. I loved it! It was such an adorable city with a lot of cool things to see. We parked outside of the downtown and took the train in and it was a perfect, stress free day. Plus, the drive out there was incredible. Every curve in the road led to a picture perfect postcard view.
Eating in France is always a little difficult for us because there aren't as many people who speak english and the food is very...fancy. We found a nice place to eat and luckily a server there spoke english but even then the conversation went something like this.
"Here we have the liver of a bird that is like a goose"
"Oh, that sounds lovely. Do you have anything that is like chicken?"
"Oui, I do not know the name of the bird but it is family."
"I'll take it."
The food turned out to be amazing and the whole day was great. Street musicians, open markets, cheese stands everywhere. I love France.

I love the outdoor seating that is EVERYWHERE!

Street food

Beautiful french accents

Petit France, Strasbourg

They have an amazing cathedral and it has an astronomical clock inside

These two were fantastic!

Not going to lie, I kind of want to carve cheese now

Cheese warmers...I snuck my hand in there. It was cold!

Foot bridges over rivers are so cool!

Watch your six on this street :)