Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not the kind most of my readers are thinking of (I know you all have poop on the brain), but the kind the Army has to do. Corey has to pull duty several times a month and whenever it falls on the weekend I go up to Carlisle, PA with him and we basically just drive around and find things to look at and take pictures of. Here is what we saw on Sunday:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Party & Concert

Corey's work party was a few weekends ago. I haven't gotten dressed up in a while so I thought I should curl my hair to look extra fancy. After an hour of holding the curling iron up I was losing patience and blood flow and started getting irritable. This is how it always goes in our house. Corey will tell me what time we need to leave at. I will start getting ready way too early, lose interest and then about 10 minutes before we leave he will remind me and I'll start frantically getting my crap together. Then, when the announced time has arrived he will say, "Babe, let's go" to which I will reply, "Why are you always rushing me?! Aaaahhhh!!!" He will remain silent and stand by the open front door while I hastily and angrily finish getting ready until we are in the car and I start apologizing. I'm so glad I have such a patient husband who has gotten used to living with a crazy woman. I know I'm no crazier than anyone else so he would've gotten a crazy wife regardless, but he has adjusted so well :) 

We spent the night at Pamela's house and were able to go to her Christmas concert the next day. She plays the clarinet in 2 different bands and we went to a Veteran's Day concert last month, but I forgot my camera. This band was more energetic and it was such a great show.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Survival Guide

The only true way to survive the winter is hot tubbing. I used to pretend that snowboarding got me through the winter but I never TRULY wanted to go. I went because once I got up there and warmed up a bit I had a good time until I started getting tired, falling and getting wet. So it was fun, but there were so many disadvantages. Hot tubbing is fun with no downside. It's easy. No hard work getting your equipment together and risking the snowy road up the mountain. It's cheap. Barring you are mooching off someone else's hot tub. No lift ticket to buy. And the whole time you're in, is enjoyable. There are those 7 seconds of hell when you have to get out and run into the house. Sometimes you even have to help put the cover on and that is torture but so much less than snowboarding. The lazy in me is really coming out lately and I've given up on having fun that takes a lot of work.