Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trig....sucks/makes me sick/can't go on/cos-1

This may look familiar to you, but most likely you took your last College Algebra/Trig class several years ago. Not me. I couldn't focus long enough to go to college so now that I'm in my late twenties I have  have the joy of dealing with triangles.

Unfortunately I hate math and I've been doing a lot of thinking about why and have decided that my hatred for math is because it deduces me to feeling stupid then helpless then defeated. In about 25 minutes I go through all the emotions that lead to me wanting to drink from a bottle. Ok, it's not that serious but I'm convinced that I got sick this weekend just from worrying about my math class. I fell asleep thinking about the Pythagorean theorem the other night and that is not okay.
My class is over mid December so that is somewhat comforting. I really like my teacher, but the dude worked for NASA. Yeah, like he's even capable of dumbing himself down to our level. The not comforting part is that next semester I should sign up for Pre-Cal and get it out of the way since I will need it and I can save $ because I can use the book I got for this class...Even with all signs pointing to yes I absolutely do not want to take Pre-Cal. Why can some things be so fun to tackle and other things so horrible? I have totally tried talking myself into the exciting world of math but that part of my brain has never developed I guess. How do you develop it?!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

West Point

Yesterday I experienced the joy of revenge when the Air Force beat the Army at West Point. A few years ago Corey took me to a Texas Long Horns game in Austin. He said he bought me a shirt for the game so when we got down there he gave me an Oklahoma State Cowboys shirt to wear. I was the only fan cheering for the Cowboys at a Texas game. This payback has been a long time coming.
My brother-in-law, Dave, hooked us up with tickets from his brother who works for the Air Force football team. We met his wife, Inger, and their friends up there. Apparently after however many years of having football games on the Army base, they've yet to master any type of traffic control. It took us 2 hours to get onto base! We parked by the ski lift (which is insane that there's a freaking ski lift on an Army base) and they bussed us to the field. Luckily it was such a beautiful day and I didn't get cold until the third quarter. After the game we got to go on the field for a few pictures but were quickly kicked off.
West Point is definitely the most beautiful military installation I've ever seen. It was gorgeous! We didn't walk around too much but the view from the bus was great :)