Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lady Luck

That is what I named my new motorcycle :) I'm so excited about this purchase and can't wait to get some miles on this beast. She's a Triumph Thruxton Ace edition. Ace Café in London worked with Triumph on this bike and it is classic and gorgeous.
I'm new to this style of bike so I'm a bit shaky but will hopefully get comfortable after a few more rides. My first motorcycle was a Yamaha V-Star and you sit more upright on that bike than the Thruxton. My foot keeps searching for the shifter because it is further back now. Small changes can really throw me off.

At the dealership patiently waiting for me

All ready for the drive home

Just sitting on it. I always ride with PPE.
My V-Star back in 2007

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Yesterday was the big aircraft selection day that I've been waiting for. It was an exciting day full of sweaty palms and pits. We all met in a conference room and anxiously waited for the list of available aircraft to select from. There was 1 Chinook, 5 Apaches and 25ish Blackhawks for the picking. One by one they called our names and we stood to claim our future helicopter. I love them all but decided that Blackhawks suited me best.
Now I can tell people that I'm training to be a Blackhawk pilot instead of explaining that I'm still learning on the TH-67 and don't know what I will end up flying. It feels great and I'm so excited to get on those controls and see what this beast can do.

My first time in a UH-60
A badass picture of a badass bird!
I can't wait until people are fast roping out of my aircraft! 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Second Solo

My stickbuddy and I flew our second solo flight and it was fantastic! We left Shell Army Airfield and flew to a few remote training sites, to KTOI (Troy Municipal Airport) and back. We landed for hot refuel and then were back up and terrorizing the skies. I felt like I was finally flying well and really understanding what the hell I'm doing in the cockpit. Everyday I'm so happy and grateful that I am doing this. It's incredible :)

After we landed safe and sound!