Thursday, February 19, 2015


Yesterday was the big aircraft selection day that I've been waiting for. It was an exciting day full of sweaty palms and pits. We all met in a conference room and anxiously waited for the list of available aircraft to select from. There was 1 Chinook, 5 Apaches and 25ish Blackhawks for the picking. One by one they called our names and we stood to claim our future helicopter. I love them all but decided that Blackhawks suited me best.
Now I can tell people that I'm training to be a Blackhawk pilot instead of explaining that I'm still learning on the TH-67 and don't know what I will end up flying. It feels great and I'm so excited to get on those controls and see what this beast can do.

My first time in a UH-60
A badass picture of a badass bird!
I can't wait until people are fast roping out of my aircraft! 


Janna Renee said...

Team Blackhawks! Almost as cool as Team #Inappropes ;) You are a badass either way ;)

Sarah said...

Can I be the one fast roping? That looks fun!