Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mad Marathon

Happy New Year everyone! Yep, that's going to be one of my goals for 2011. A marathon. Why? Because 2011 is the year I turn 30 and if any year of your life needs a little fun or achievement, it's probably 30. I've been scoping out races and found this little beauty and now all I need is a volunteer. Who wants to run for 26.2 miles breathing in cow dung and good ol' country air? Seriously though, we're running across a covered bridge! How cool is that? Here's the link:

I have other goals for 2011. For example: I will turn 30, I will go to Hawaii, I will submit my package to be a helicopter pilot in the Army (goal being to be selected but that's kind of out of my hands) and to go horseback riding at least twice. 
I've already purchased my tickets to Hawaii so that goal is half way accomplished and today I passed my Army Flight test so now I'm 95% done with my package. I guess I should get started on the marathon goal. I at least know I can run 6.5 miles without stopping (or sharting) but 26.2 is a lot farther. 
Please, please come to Vermont and run with me. I've been there once and it was literally one of the most beautiful places I've seen. I'm sure in July I'll be cursing the entire state of Vermont and denying the veracity of this post but for now, just run this marathon with me.