Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trip to the South

In an effort to strengthen my Warrant Officer package, Corey and I took a road trip down south. We headed to Ft. Rucker, AL through Knoxville, TN. In Tennessee:

  • I hit a skunk
  • We tried to go to Dollywood but it was closed, so we settled for the photo op
  • Ate BBQ pork burritos at Sweet P's
  • Jack Daniel's distillery tour

We spent the night in Alabama with an infantry friend of Corey's who was stationed with him in Hawaii. We left Wednesday morning and made it to our hotel in Daleville, AL where we took our one and only shower on the 5 day trip. Thursday was the main event and I am happy to say that it was excellent. I really hope this was the key to getting selected. If driving down to Alabama didn't do the trick, I'll be pissed but will still be glad that I got out of 4 days of showering! In Alabama:

  • We ate at Po' Folks
  • Took a shower
  • Toured Ft. Rucker
  • I got in the cockpit of an Apache
  • Peed a little in the Apache

On our way out of town we planned on getting some burgers at the Vortex in Atlanta but were too full from all of the southern eating. I am definitely 10 years closer to a coronary bypass. We road tripped it hard core by sleeping in our car for a few hours at a gas station and made it to Richmond to visit our friend Sarah and her two casts. I totally planned on taking a quick shower there but Sarah and I have known each other for a long time and I knew I didn't have to impress anyone :) Corey drove me home and I am happy to announce we have both taken showers and are resting comfortably.
I really love driving around the United States. I hit 3 new states and saw a few places I've always wanted to. Unfortunately we didn't stop in Atlanta but that looks like it'll have to be its own vacation. We also couldn't make it to Graceland so I'll be going back to Tennessee one day. Here are some pictures from the trip. I always start off strong, taking pictures of everything and slowly lose motivation and tell myself to just take mental pics. I'm super lazy. So, here are a few from the first part of the trip!

University of Tennessee

Photo op only. We did not get into Dollywood.

Sweet P's BBQ! Soooo good. 

Official road trip picture.

Me and Jackie D!

Lynchburg, TN

Knoxville, TN

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I've hesitated to post about this because I am afraid/don't want to press my luck/superstitious that I'll ruin my chances buuuuuut...I woke up super early and was looking at blogs and realized I haven't posted for a while so here it is. I have submitted a package to the Army to be a helicopter pilot. This has been taking up a lot of my time for the past 4 months and I got it submitted last month so now I am waiting. The board meets in March and I should know then.
If I do get accepted, the Air Force will release me and I'll enlist in the Army (making mine and Corey's living situation much easier) and go to another boot camp, SERE training, dunk training then flight school all at Ft. Rucker, AL. I will be getting my @$$ handed to me for about 18 months. Exciting, huh?!
I have always wanted to fly helicopters but it is VERY expensive to just get your license but if you give your life away to the Army they pay for it! Great deal :) So, Corey helped a ton to get everything done. It was very extensive. I had to take a tests, work out a lot, so many interviews and letters. I'm sooo sooo glad it's over and I might never do anything like this again.
For Christmas Corey got me a helicopter lesson since I've never had my hands on the controls and it was amazing! I did okay up high but not so well trying to hover. Next month I'm going to take a fixed wing lesson just to get up there again. Definitely a lot more exciting when you're in control.
So wish me luck or send out vibes or pray and if I get accepted because of your mind power... I'll totally drop you off at the mall in a helicopter or something cool like that.