Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last weekend Corey and I had one of those non-stop weekends and it was so much fun. We drove to Charlottesville, VA for the UVA vs. GT football game. It POURED! It was so much fun though 'cause Corey got us these great ponchos and it wasn't too cold so we just sat there getting pelted by the crazy VA rain.
After the game we walked around the campus and downtown which is so pretty. Thomas Jefferson designed the campus and it is beautiful. We went to Monticello to see his home and that guy had it made. I got lots of great ideas from his home. He was a very talented architect and gardener and lawyer and scientist and even a little naughty 'cause he had all these kids with his slave Sally Hemings. Anyway, we had so much fun and since the leaves are all changing it was super gorgeous.
We left Monticello and hit up a cool little apple orchard before we left for Richmond to see Sarah and Devon. We spent the night at their house and Sarah showed me around a chic little part of the city and then I was about to crash since I normally go to bed at 8:30 so in the morning we got up bright and early since we normally get up at 3:30 and we were off to Luray caverns. Lots of stalactites and mites and other crazy looking formations. We had to rush to Corey's dads house for Packer football after that and the Packers won their game and the Vikings lost their game so Corey was super happy. We finally got home Sunday night and I've pretty much been tired since.
So go to Virginia 'cause it is beautiful and has so much to do and it is for lovers. I can be your tour guide now :)