Wednesday, July 21, 2010

O'Connor Family Reunion

I learned a lot about Corey at his family reunion a few weeks ago. I take that back. It explained a lot about Corey. I'm not as worried about him anymore knowing there are others like him out there. Just kidding. I freaking love the O'Connors and we had so much fun in Wisconsin/Michigan. Another place I've never been to so I was excited to check it out.
The first thing we need to discuss is fried cheese curds, and why the rest of the world doesn't overindulge on them. They are a gift from the gods. I dream about fried cheese curds!
Number two. It is so beautiful up there and the land is so cheap. We could live like kings. That's how they trick you into moving there. Visit in the summer and you never want to leave...until the winter. Three. Everyone drove scooters around. It made me miss mine and Sarah's Yamaha Vino. 

According to Man vs. Food, Sobelman's has Milwaukee's best burger. It was a buttery bun delight.


Miller Park
Brewers vs. Orioles

Corey's dreams are coming true at Lambeau Field.

After our stops in Milwaukee and Green Bay we made it to the Reunion.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

13:1 rocks Philly

A friend I met back in Texas joined a band and they've been doing pretty well so she invited me to their first headliner in Philly. Corey and I made a fast Saturday trip up and back. It ended with me dry heaving the whole way home thanks to a migraine, thanks to me forgetting ear plugs for the concert. I have had migraines since I was 14 but I'm pretty good at avoiding them now. There are certain triggers that I know of and a few I don't, but loud music is definitely a trigger. This is not the first time I've left a concert puking. I'm sure most people have, but probably due to alcohol. I could only wish...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some times you wanna Boston!

We enjoyed our Fourth of July festivities in Boston this year. Definitely a city I highly recommend. We went to a Red Sox game, Boston Common, Lexington, Concord, saw the USS Constitution (Old Iron Sides), went to Paul Revere's house, snuck into a group on the African American history tour, saw the Harvard Yard...there's a lot of cool stuff there. Also, a lot of good food. Legal Sea Food was our first stop. We both got the sword fish reuben. Amazing. I love food soo sooo much. We found a bakery in Cambridge that made really unique sandwiches and they were also amazing. I'm into sandwiches lately.
We tried so hard to see everything but it was so hot and I always forget how tired it makes you. I could live there. I love Boston.



P.S. I give up on the blogspot web builder. It's total crap and I hate it so don't expect my pictures to ever make geometrical sense.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our new favorite thing to do

Since I've lived out here I've been audibly assaulted with the world's most annoying radio commercial for Charlestown races and slots. It drives me crazy but it obviously worked 'cause after a year or so of hearing it we went out there. I loved it! I love horses even though I'm terrified of them and this is the perfect way to enjoy them. From afar.