Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some times you wanna Boston!

We enjoyed our Fourth of July festivities in Boston this year. Definitely a city I highly recommend. We went to a Red Sox game, Boston Common, Lexington, Concord, saw the USS Constitution (Old Iron Sides), went to Paul Revere's house, snuck into a group on the African American history tour, saw the Harvard Yard...there's a lot of cool stuff there. Also, a lot of good food. Legal Sea Food was our first stop. We both got the sword fish reuben. Amazing. I love food soo sooo much. We found a bakery in Cambridge that made really unique sandwiches and they were also amazing. I'm into sandwiches lately.
We tried so hard to see everything but it was so hot and I always forget how tired it makes you. I could live there. I love Boston.



P.S. I give up on the blogspot web builder. It's total crap and I hate it so don't expect my pictures to ever make geometrical sense.

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Natalie said...

I've never been to Boston, or anywhere on the east coast except North Carolina, but I've always wanted to! I'll get there someday I guess. It sounds amazing. I am into food too:)