Friday, August 24, 2012

Heidelberg, Germany

For a work trip, Corey's office went to Heidelberg for the day. I had the day off so I got to tag along and see the famous castle. We only live an hour and a half away, but hadn't made the trip yet. We've been busy with the other million places to see while we're here.
We've been having a heat wave but yesterday was the first cooler day in a while and I welcomed a trip free from swoobs, hair clingy to my sweaty neck and any chaffing whatsoever. There was some rain at the end of the tour but it didn't last long.

Main square in Heidelberg

Beautiful cobble stone streets

Entrance to the castle

The castle

View of Heidelberg

I got my hair lightened

It was windy

Me and my boo

Just a little rain

Too many darling places to eat

On the bridge looking back to the city

Corey, me, Aaron and the castle from the bridge

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our last stop was Mykonos island. Mykonos is known as the gay, party island. There were a lot of young, beautiful, well toned people there, but we were in bed by 11 every night so we didn't see any of the partying. We did go running at 8 a couple of mornings and saw the aftermath of the partying. Half naked people asleep on the beach, barefoot girls stumbling through the streets, heels in hand. It made for good people watching and entertainment on our run.
The beaches are beautiful on Mykonos and our hotel kind of sucked so we were at the beach everyday. We went to a different one each day and we loved them all. Also, the food was even more spectacular than the other stops. It was a great way to end our vacation.

Buildings cannot be over 2 stories on the island.

The pelican is the island's mascot. Corey loved him! (or her)

The famous windmills. They don't seem very effective, but it is really windy most of the time.

I love boats.

This was the prettiest part of Little Venice. My pictures couldn't do it justice but it was beautiful.

I want to dine here every night!

Lots of cats. They might have a small problem on their hands.

Corey played goalie with some kids in the street. He had a slight advantage.


Me and my beloved skort. I don't travel without it. 

The view from Kiki's. It was our favorite meal on the whole trip.

Right next to Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach

Sunday, August 12, 2012


After Athens we took a boat to Santorini. Yes, I also thought that we would be sailing the Greek Islands like sexy, rich people but in reality we sat in airplane style seating, inhaling copious amounts of diesel fumes while rocking violently to the Aegean sea waves. If you plan to go from Athens to Santorini, fly. The boat ride was almost 6 hours and there was no glamour whatsoever.
Santorini is a desert island with beautiful white buildings dotted with blue rooftops, steep cliffs, picturesque scenery, amazing cuisine and not the greatest beaches. This is known as a more romantic island so if you go, bring your boo and don't expect white sand beaches. It's not Jamaica.
Originally we were going to rent 4wheelers because that seemed adventurous and exciting. After the near vertical climb from the port to the main road, we decided on a car. We are really glad we chose a car because those poor scooters and 4wheelers were struggling to make it up the hills. Some of the roads are so steep that I was afraid to drive our 4 cylinder European gutless jitney up them. Anyway, I recommend a car on the island. Also, no reservations needed. You can get one at the port or through your hotel. The hotel managers are usually the owners and they are very helpful.
There was so much food to try and so much beautiful sunshine and so many fedoras. Yes, the hat that I have mixed feelings about. I swear 95% of the people there were wearing one. I also noticed a lot of people wearing Birkenstocks. There are no mixed feelings there...I love Birkenstocks!!!
Bottom line: If you're a fedora wearing, Birkenstock loving, romantic who is okay with rocky beaches but beautiful water, scenery and trying new, delicious foods...Santorini is your island!

PS Don't worry about the language barrier, everybody speaks English.

View of the city Fira from our balcony.

View of Pyrgos from our balcony.

Pool area of our hotel, Orizonte Boutique in Pyrgos.

Rooftop lounge in Oia.

Tons of oil on canvas paintings for sale and they are cheap!

Shopping in Oia.

Church in Oia

Famous rooftop scenery in Oia.

Famous view in Oia.

Corey and a church in Oia.

Winery that looks onto the sea.

Rock off of Kamari beach.

Kamari Beach.


Taken from the southern tip of the island and right behind Corey's head you can see the northern tip which is where Oia is.

Friday, August 10, 2012


We went on a vacation that we didn't drive to! Corey planned the whole thing and we had so much fun. Greece is amazing and I was surprised at how much I loved it. The people were friendlier than I expected, the food more fantastic and the scenery was pretty much what I expected from all the pictures I've seen online.
We stayed in Athens for 2 days and that was the perfect amount. It was really hot but I sweated through it and we easily got everything done that we had planned. We stayed at the Royal Olympic Hotel and I would recommend it if you're planning a trip to Athens. It was right by the City Sightseeing bus stop where you can hop on and off the bus for 2 days for only 18 euro a person. I would never want to drive there so this was an easy, convenient option.
We lucked out and got to see a demonstration but we were assured that the bomb sounds were only noise. This proves to the government that the people are serious about change...

The Changing of the Guards. They don't look as studly as the US Army.

Parliament where the guards are. Also where most of the demonstrations occur.

They can't move like the ones in England.

Pigeons. No, thanks.

Sexy, naked ruin.

A ruin...of something.

Athens seems to never end. 

The Parthenon that sits on top of the Akropolis that looks over all of Athens.

We're smiling from the heat stroke.

The hot ladies that protect Athens.

The Temple of Zeus (it was right next to our hotel).

Temple of Zeus.