Sunday, August 12, 2012


After Athens we took a boat to Santorini. Yes, I also thought that we would be sailing the Greek Islands like sexy, rich people but in reality we sat in airplane style seating, inhaling copious amounts of diesel fumes while rocking violently to the Aegean sea waves. If you plan to go from Athens to Santorini, fly. The boat ride was almost 6 hours and there was no glamour whatsoever.
Santorini is a desert island with beautiful white buildings dotted with blue rooftops, steep cliffs, picturesque scenery, amazing cuisine and not the greatest beaches. This is known as a more romantic island so if you go, bring your boo and don't expect white sand beaches. It's not Jamaica.
Originally we were going to rent 4wheelers because that seemed adventurous and exciting. After the near vertical climb from the port to the main road, we decided on a car. We are really glad we chose a car because those poor scooters and 4wheelers were struggling to make it up the hills. Some of the roads are so steep that I was afraid to drive our 4 cylinder European gutless jitney up them. Anyway, I recommend a car on the island. Also, no reservations needed. You can get one at the port or through your hotel. The hotel managers are usually the owners and they are very helpful.
There was so much food to try and so much beautiful sunshine and so many fedoras. Yes, the hat that I have mixed feelings about. I swear 95% of the people there were wearing one. I also noticed a lot of people wearing Birkenstocks. There are no mixed feelings there...I love Birkenstocks!!!
Bottom line: If you're a fedora wearing, Birkenstock loving, romantic who is okay with rocky beaches but beautiful water, scenery and trying new, delicious foods...Santorini is your island!

PS Don't worry about the language barrier, everybody speaks English.

View of the city Fira from our balcony.

View of Pyrgos from our balcony.

Pool area of our hotel, Orizonte Boutique in Pyrgos.

Rooftop lounge in Oia.

Tons of oil on canvas paintings for sale and they are cheap!

Shopping in Oia.

Church in Oia

Famous rooftop scenery in Oia.

Famous view in Oia.

Corey and a church in Oia.

Winery that looks onto the sea.

Rock off of Kamari beach.

Kamari Beach.


Taken from the southern tip of the island and right behind Corey's head you can see the northern tip which is where Oia is.