Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I went back to San Antonio for training and then the DC area to see Corey's family a few weeks ago. I had so much fun seeing my in-laws! I married into such a great family and am so lucky that they like me too. I got to visit, eat, relax and see how much all the kids have grown. They are all so cute and so much fun.
I flew in Wednesday, went back to work Thursday then left for London Friday night. There is a really inexpensive airline here called Ryan Air and I scored tickets for 16 euro each way. You really can't say no to that. The only thing with Ryan Air is that they charge for every little thing so you have to go prepared. Forgot to print out your boarding pass? That'll be 30 euro. Have a bag that is larger than a small backpack? That'll be 40 euro. And so on. I made sure to wear as many clothes as possible, packed my bag, printed my boarding pass and drove to Holland to meet up with some friends.
We had an easy, no hassle trip and London was way better than I imagined. Well, I imagined crappy weather and I was right, but I had no idea how nice everyone is there. It might be the friendliest place I've ever been. I got to see Spamalot in the West End, we went to the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, saw the Royal Jewels, ate fish and chips, rode the Underground, heard our hotel neighbor having wild, unabashed monkey sex at 3 am and ate at an amazing Indian restaurant in Soho. A pretty successful two day trip.
I want to go back this summer and see Billy Elliot, Let it Be and The Book of Mormon. I'll wear the same clothes for a week if I get cheap tickets like that again.
Every corner is adorable here

This lion totally photobombed this pic

My dreams coming true in London!

The Eye of London; I'm still trying to figure out photos at night

Big Ben

Catapult at the Tower of London

The not as popular, black phone booth

Ravens are larger than I realized; terrifying

Entrance to the Royal Jewels

Nice hat


Inside the Tower of London

Like a bridge

St. Paul's cathedral

St. Paul's after the most awkward/terrifying church experience of my life

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mont Blanc

One of my goals while living in Europe was to snowboard in the Alps...mission accomplished. I probably should have started on some smaller slopes since I haven't been in over 5 years, but I survived and now I never have to ski while French and Italians yell at me in their romantic language again. Somehow it's less sexy when they are pissed off.
I went with a friend on a group trip and it worked out nicely. Our hotel was adorable and was exactly a 2 minute walk from the lift. I was terrified going up as I was clearly not prepared for the Alps, but I managed to not soil myself the whole time we were there. We skied Chamonix the first day, then took a bus through the mountain to the Italian side and skied Courmayeur the second day. I preferred Chamonix  because the runs were wider and appropriately labeled. Courmayeur had a red run that I swear was a black diamond. Not that I've ever been on one, but it's what I imagine one to be. I was terrified. That's when I realized I was not good at snowboarding. It looked like the drop off on the scary water slide.
I had a great time and am really glad I went. I might stick to snowshoeing or cross country skiing from now on. Or just move to somewhere warm and tropical and never deal with the snow again.

Resting from the constant barrage of French insults

View from our room

Morning light
Through the clouds
I chose the left route