Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Corey's BFFF came to visit a few weeks ago. Donnie just got back from 15 months in Iraq and is out of the Army and back home so he came to visit. We went up to Philadelphia to check out the bell and we went to a Phillies game.

Corey and Donnie throwing pennies on Benjamin Franklin's grave.

Mmmm...cheese steaks

Mmmm...the bell

I collect sweat bands from all the games we go to. Yes, I use them. Yes, I sweat excessively.

Donnie's pouty face when the game went on rain hold or whatever.

Bridal Shower

Corey's mom and Aunt Pat threw me a surprise Bridal Shower! It was so sweet of them and I had so much fun. Corey was there for most of it but had to leave part way through 'cause he had duty. They made a stuffed person out of Corey's old uniform and printed a cutout of his face and he was stuffed full of houseware items. I got to take him apart and find all the presents. They were naughty and put a can of reddiwhip in his crotch :)
I'm not the biggest fan of me in candid shots because I tend to make ridiculous faces 95% of the time. Have you ever watched yourself in a mirror while you talk on the phone? I have and I don't recommend it, but I managed to find a few from the shower that were not too bad.

He's really excited about that pie dish...

But not as excited as he was about the crock pot!

These dish towels are so intriguing! Are they hand spun?

Mmm, yes. That does make a great hand puppet.

The fake Corey

The real Corey REALLY liked the fake Corey

Me with my hands down the fake Corey's pants :)