Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Corey's BFFF came to visit a few weeks ago. Donnie just got back from 15 months in Iraq and is out of the Army and back home so he came to visit. We went up to Philadelphia to check out the bell and we went to a Phillies game.

Corey and Donnie throwing pennies on Benjamin Franklin's grave.

Mmmm...cheese steaks

Mmmm...the bell

I collect sweat bands from all the games we go to. Yes, I use them. Yes, I sweat excessively.

Donnie's pouty face when the game went on rain hold or whatever.


Amy said...

Listen dude, I already had your new blog in my Google Reader. So Maine? For real? You're probably going to Brunswick, and I swear you'll love it (minus the winters)--it's so much cooler than friggin WF. Close to Portland, the ocean, just cool.
If I'm wrong, and you're going somewhere lame, then I'm very, very sorry.

Lindsay said...

You guys are hot. I love your sweatband! Your shower looked so fun!

Sarah said...

You're going to Maine? did I miss something? You can't leave now that I finally figured out how to follow you to DC. I love that you go to baseball games everywhere. Reminds me of someone I know. Have you been to a Nationals game yet?