Sunday, July 26, 2009


I don't feel like I really had time to enjoy Boston because I have so much school work to do but here are some pictures I took on our way to Fenway. I got lucky and got into the Red Sox vs. Orioles game for FREE!!! People love military and someone donated their ticket and I was the happy girl who got it :) Thank you anonymous donor.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am on my first military TDY (temporary duty). We left on Sunday at 8 and drove from DC to Bangor, ME. The drive was so pretty but we did get stuck in NY traffic. I drove for a lot of the way in our shop's F-350 and was strongly encouraged from the backseat to keep my speed at around 90. Every time I dropped down to 80 or so I heard about it until I got back up to a safer speed... But we made it and checked into our rooms at Hollywood Slots. Of course the airman in charge of booking rooms decided that the best choice for our 2 night stay was the state's only gaming facility. It was a really nice hotel however. We worked all day at the guard base but went on a cool trail run afterwards and got to see some of Maine's beauty. Everyone in Maine has a canoe or kayak on their car. They come standard.
Yesterday we rolled into Portsmouth, NH and stayed in another nice hotel on the Harbor. We walked around downtown and mainly just tried to hear people say, 'Park your car in the yard'. Mission accomplished. I love the Boston accent. We're about to leave here and go to Hanscom AFB so I am so excited to hear more of it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Events surrounding the wedding

We did a lot of fun stuff before, during and after the wedding so I wanted to put the pictures up. Enjoy the visual story. I have no creative writing ideas so imagine something clever and funny. Maybe laugh out loud a little. Thanks.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wedding

We did it! While others celebrated their independence, Chad (the Reverend) pointed out that Corey was ironically losing his. Chad is Marleah's husband of 3 weeks and they came all the way out to DC to marry us and for Marleah to be a bridesmaid. Paul and Krynn also came out for the wedding. They came early so we could have fun and see some sights. Amy was my other bridesmaid and her son, Bradley, was the ring bearer. Corey's niece, Alyssa, was the flower girl and she was perfect! She was so cute and kept Bradley in line and walking down the aisle.
Our pictures aren't ready yet but Corey's Aunt Pat took some really good ones and put them online. Click here. She took our engagement photos earlier this year. Everyone helped out so much and we appreciate it so much. Corey's Grandma and Mom made personal pies for our desserts and they were soooo good. I wish I could've eaten every kind they made but I was about to bust out of my dress from all the pig and baked beans :)
My whole family came out and made it so much fun. I got to see all 4 of my grandparents and my Mom, Dad and all my brothers and sister and their families. My mom made the flower girls dress, the ring bearer pillow and ties for all the boys. I always thought she'd make my dress but it was way easier to buy it :)
The fireworks weren't as close as promised so Corey, our photographer, his assistant and I all ran about 1/3 of a mile down a path to the Sheraton so we could get some good pictures so we'll see in another few weeks if the barefoot run was worth it.
As soon as we get more pictures I'll put them up too. It was so much fun and even though it was really hectic and Corey and I wanted to fight each other, we're so happy we did it and's over. We got a lot of presents and money so while we will be sending out formal Thank You's we wanted to tell everyone 'thank you so much!'