Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am on my first military TDY (temporary duty). We left on Sunday at 8 and drove from DC to Bangor, ME. The drive was so pretty but we did get stuck in NY traffic. I drove for a lot of the way in our shop's F-350 and was strongly encouraged from the backseat to keep my speed at around 90. Every time I dropped down to 80 or so I heard about it until I got back up to a safer speed... But we made it and checked into our rooms at Hollywood Slots. Of course the airman in charge of booking rooms decided that the best choice for our 2 night stay was the state's only gaming facility. It was a really nice hotel however. We worked all day at the guard base but went on a cool trail run afterwards and got to see some of Maine's beauty. Everyone in Maine has a canoe or kayak on their car. They come standard.
Yesterday we rolled into Portsmouth, NH and stayed in another nice hotel on the Harbor. We walked around downtown and mainly just tried to hear people say, 'Park your car in the yard'. Mission accomplished. I love the Boston accent. We're about to leave here and go to Hanscom AFB so I am so excited to hear more of it!


Amy said...

So close, yet so far away. Someday I just know I'll have the chance to sweep me into your arms and twirl you around. Someday.

Amy said...

that's supposed to be "you into my arms"
so much for the romance!!!