Friday, August 10, 2012


We went on a vacation that we didn't drive to! Corey planned the whole thing and we had so much fun. Greece is amazing and I was surprised at how much I loved it. The people were friendlier than I expected, the food more fantastic and the scenery was pretty much what I expected from all the pictures I've seen online.
We stayed in Athens for 2 days and that was the perfect amount. It was really hot but I sweated through it and we easily got everything done that we had planned. We stayed at the Royal Olympic Hotel and I would recommend it if you're planning a trip to Athens. It was right by the City Sightseeing bus stop where you can hop on and off the bus for 2 days for only 18 euro a person. I would never want to drive there so this was an easy, convenient option.
We lucked out and got to see a demonstration but we were assured that the bomb sounds were only noise. This proves to the government that the people are serious about change...

The Changing of the Guards. They don't look as studly as the US Army.

Parliament where the guards are. Also where most of the demonstrations occur.

They can't move like the ones in England.

Pigeons. No, thanks.

Sexy, naked ruin.

A ruin...of something.

Athens seems to never end. 

The Parthenon that sits on top of the Akropolis that looks over all of Athens.

We're smiling from the heat stroke.

The hot ladies that protect Athens.

The Temple of Zeus (it was right next to our hotel).

Temple of Zeus.

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Sarah said...

Were you holding that soldier's hand? It kind of looks like you were busting a move. :) I love the Greek man in the pigeon picture. haha.