Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Our last stop was Mykonos island. Mykonos is known as the gay, party island. There were a lot of young, beautiful, well toned people there, but we were in bed by 11 every night so we didn't see any of the partying. We did go running at 8 a couple of mornings and saw the aftermath of the partying. Half naked people asleep on the beach, barefoot girls stumbling through the streets, heels in hand. It made for good people watching and entertainment on our run.
The beaches are beautiful on Mykonos and our hotel kind of sucked so we were at the beach everyday. We went to a different one each day and we loved them all. Also, the food was even more spectacular than the other stops. It was a great way to end our vacation.

Buildings cannot be over 2 stories on the island.

The pelican is the island's mascot. Corey loved him! (or her)

The famous windmills. They don't seem very effective, but it is really windy most of the time.

I love boats.

This was the prettiest part of Little Venice. My pictures couldn't do it justice but it was beautiful.

I want to dine here every night!

Lots of cats. They might have a small problem on their hands.

Corey played goalie with some kids in the street. He had a slight advantage.


Me and my beloved skort. I don't travel without it. 

The view from Kiki's. It was our favorite meal on the whole trip.

Right next to Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach

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Sarah said...

So after looking at your pics and traveling with you I'm convinced that you should quit your day job and start selling your travel pics. I'm serious. Go to istockphotos.com and you really could sell at least half of the pics on the post. Especially the pic with the cat and Corey with the kids. :)