Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trig....sucks/makes me sick/can't go on/cos-1

This may look familiar to you, but most likely you took your last College Algebra/Trig class several years ago. Not me. I couldn't focus long enough to go to college so now that I'm in my late twenties I have  have the joy of dealing with triangles.

Unfortunately I hate math and I've been doing a lot of thinking about why and have decided that my hatred for math is because it deduces me to feeling stupid then helpless then defeated. In about 25 minutes I go through all the emotions that lead to me wanting to drink from a bottle. Ok, it's not that serious but I'm convinced that I got sick this weekend just from worrying about my math class. I fell asleep thinking about the Pythagorean theorem the other night and that is not okay.
My class is over mid December so that is somewhat comforting. I really like my teacher, but the dude worked for NASA. Yeah, like he's even capable of dumbing himself down to our level. The not comforting part is that next semester I should sign up for Pre-Cal and get it out of the way since I will need it and I can save $ because I can use the book I got for this class...Even with all signs pointing to yes I absolutely do not want to take Pre-Cal. Why can some things be so fun to tackle and other things so horrible? I have totally tried talking myself into the exciting world of math but that part of my brain has never developed I guess. How do you develop it?!! 


Sarah said...

Just practice. Think of it like learning another language. If you can learn to speak Portuguese, you can do math. I say just go for it. I spent my entire college career avoiding Calculus and ended up with retarded majors then I had to take it at the end of it all for grad school and it wasn't that bad. I wished I would have just taken it to begin with. Then maybe I'd be a biophysicist now.

Rachel said...

Hey, you this is random but I was just thinking about all my friends that have moved away from work. I pretty much only have one or two friends left and I've been sad. I really wish you were still around! Have a great Christmas! I'm hoping for a little (or a lot) of change soon so I can move on like all my awesome friends have. You look amazing and you will rock the math..cause that is what you do!