Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Survival Guide

The only true way to survive the winter is hot tubbing. I used to pretend that snowboarding got me through the winter but I never TRULY wanted to go. I went because once I got up there and warmed up a bit I had a good time until I started getting tired, falling and getting wet. So it was fun, but there were so many disadvantages. Hot tubbing is fun with no downside. It's easy. No hard work getting your equipment together and risking the snowy road up the mountain. It's cheap. Barring you are mooching off someone else's hot tub. No lift ticket to buy. And the whole time you're in, is enjoyable. There are those 7 seconds of hell when you have to get out and run into the house. Sometimes you even have to help put the cover on and that is torture but so much less than snowboarding. The lazy in me is really coming out lately and I've given up on having fun that takes a lot of work. 


Stef said...

You are SOOOOO right! Hottubbing is the ultimate winter activity! Miss your guts.

Natalie said...

Oh that just sounds divine right now! I can't remember the last time I was in a hot tub.

Sarah said...

Ahhhhhhh! Hot tub = Heaven.