Monday, March 23, 2009

Secret Star

Saturday was Corey's Hannah Montana party. I don't know much about Hannah or Miley, for that matter, but I guess she's a secret star and that's what Corey was this weekend. Not only did his Guest of Honor ribbon say so, but I think these pictures prove it. We had a really fun party and we ate so much food. Corey made some delectable BBQ chicken and I made the most amazing cherry cobbler from a can and a box of bisquick. I'm a culinary genius. My roommate from Sheppard is now stationed at Langley and she drove all the way up for Corey's party. I was so excited to see Ashley again. We had some Sunday adventures but I don't want to confuse my blog readers with 2 days of pictures. I'll save that for the next exciting post.


Stef said...

um...I hate you and your hannah montana GENIOUS!

Binns Family said...

Fun Party...I love the cutting board Corey. But, the real question is how did you get the lama rug?

Meghan said...

haha! Looks like the party was a success! Love the pinata. ;)