Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been pretty excited to check out the hiking around our new place. Frederick is pretty country (which I LOVE) and all I want to do is be outside. Last weekend it was pretty warm so Corey and I went up to Caledonia State Park to look around. We didn't do any research and so our first stop was pretty uneventful. The only exciting part about it was when I peed on my ankle and had to roll my pant leg up 'cause I could feel it touching my skin. I haven't had much practice peeing in the outdoors lately and all the lady readers know how difficult it can be.

We found a beautiful lake that we're going to go fishing at when it warms up for real. So far the weather has been getting warm enough to get your hopes up only to start snowing again and crush your dreams of it being spring time.

Here's a picture of Corey's new car. He misses the Evo but not the gas bill.

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Stef said...

You're SUCH a granola! Miss your guts...