Monday, March 2, 2009

AK Saturday

Corey and I went shooting on his brother's property last weekend. This was the first time I've ever shot an AK-47. I didn't really even know that people owned such guns. I kind of thought they were illegal but Corey owns a few Rambo guns. We also shot his new Glock 10 mm and we shot his Beretta .40 cal. I liked the Beretta the best. The Glock feels like it's going to fly out of your hands 'cause the handle is so short. I usually get scared right before I pull the trigger and dip my hands anticipating the kick and end up shooting the dirt but this time I managed to suppress my fears and hit the target a few times.
Corey believes that Obama will pass a bill that will make assault rifles illegal forever and has been trying to talk me into investing in M-4's, AK-47's and other expensive arms. I'm slightly convinced since one of my favorite movies is Red Dawn and just thinking about the chance of saving the world from the Russians is a my biggest dream! I think we'll just go with a 401K of some sort.


Julia said...

Wow congrats on getting married. And your wedding plans sound so great. The fourth will be perfect!

And I'm terrified of guns, but I have to say, you look pretty tough.

Binns Family said...

It's not everyday you see a girl in a BR coat shooting an AK-47. We can't wait to come for the wedding.

Lindsay said...

Are you sure you guys dont want to move to Roseburg and shoot guns and hang a deer over your mantle?

Sarah said...

Doesn't it feel great to have a couple's blog? Pretty soon you'll have to change blogs again to add kids to the title. I'm so excited to meet your man. We've got to figure something out for April.