Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ausfahrt means Exit

I've been in Germany for a week now and I'm really liking it. So many new things to see, weird words to learn and confusing toilets to flush. I got my German driver's license but my car hasn't arrived yet, however, I'm a little nervous to drive. I'm not always sure who has the right of way here.
Corey isn't here yet so I've been house hunting alone which is a little stressful. It's hit and miss with houses here. I'm holding out for some of that floor heating though.
I had my first schnitzel and I'm just wondering how much weight I'm going to gain here. That schnitz is good! Also, it's winter so I need something to keep me warm.
I haven't done much except sleep, look for houses and other various "getting settled" type of activities, so I have no pictures or stories. Hopefully my next post will be a picture of me relaxing in my house on my furniture that I've missed so much for the past 5 months. Please let it be that.
PS. You're all still invited, but definitely don't visit in the winter.


Natalie said...

Schnitzel is gooood isn't it? We have a little authentic german deli here but we hardly ever go because I can't control myself while there and order insane amounts of food. Good luck on the waistline front :) Mine would be in serious trouble.

Sarah said...

How fun for you to finally be there and getting your new life put together. I'd love a pic of the Ausfahrt. I can't wait for the pics of your city, what the houses look like, the streets... whatever. But I'm sure you're waiting until spring when it's all green and pretty. Good luck with the house hunting. My suggestion? Bag it for a few days and take a trip to Paris. :)