Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cunningham Falls

I begged Corey to take me to the majestic Cunningham Falls today. It's just up the road from us and Corey has a special relationship with the falls. He and his friend, Alan, dumped a few bottles of dish soap in the mighty river for a senior prank. I always imagined a large waterfall with so many bubbles flowing freely down to the wading pool below only to build up feet and feet of bubbles. After the 4/5 mile cliff hike the elusive falls appeared...

Not exactly what I was expecting. It is fall and we've had little rain so I'm sure it gets bigger but I guess I was expecting an Oregon kind of waterfall. I loved the hike though. Also, Corey's greatest fear slithered across his feet at the start of the hike so we made it in record time. I like to tell him that he's like Indiana Jones. Brave but afraid of snakes. That made me want to watch The Last Crusade tonight but Netflix decided to be a butthead and not make it a play on demand movie.

I got back Tuesday night from visiting my family in Colorado. On Wednesday I got the ultra-rare opportunity of observing an autopsy at work! It was awesome. Sick, I know, but I loved each and every second of it.

 I also finished 1776 on cd so I was feeling very scholarly. Tomorrow I'm leaving for some pre-deployment training in Texas for 2 weeks. I'm not deploying but I volunteered for the extra TDY money ;)

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Sarah said...

Did you like 1776? I thought it was a great book. Read faster than I thought it would. John Adams is also good but I never quite finished it.