Friday, September 3, 2010

The Nationals

Sarah, Devin and Eva came up last weekend for a Nationals game. That same day Glenn Beck was having his rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and we figured we should check it out. Eva turned 2 the day before and somehow she knew it was time to turn up the sass in her life. She demanded that she get to walk in her plastic high heels almost a mile and a half to the Lincoln. I'm serious, she wasn't having it any other way. I have to admit that she was rockin' those heels and she probably walks better in stilettos than I do.

We arrived at the back of the rally and couldn't hear anything so we stuck around for 10 minutes then walked back to the US Marines Memorial. Sarah wanted to check out this Thai restaurant near Dulles because the cook beat Bobby Flay so we got some Pad Thai. It was really good but a little spicy. I can't handle spice at all so I couldn't really taste flavor, mainly just the snot that was falling out of my nose. I'm a wimp.

The Nationals killed the Cardinals so it was a pretty exciting game. Eva did amazing at the game but started to have a break down around the 6th inning so we stayed for the 7th inning stretch and busted outta there. It was totally bobble head night at the game so I have a new present for my nephews when I go to see them in a few weeks :)


Natalie said...

You have so many totally awesome sites to check out and things to do on the east coast! I'm so jealous!

That little Eva with those heals is hilarious. I'm glad you posted a pic.

Sarah said...

So I finally grew a pair and took away the heels. Sorry you had to be there the day she decided to test her 2-yr-old superiority. That last picture says it all. Ha ha! I love it. Anyway, we had a great time last week. Maybe next time we can figure out how to leave the sassy thing at home! We need to adopt some Richmond grandparents.