Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summers Farm

I'm back from Texas and so excited for the beautiful weather and the time of year. I freaking love pumpkins so I really wanted to go to a farm and this little gem is just down the road. But seriously, I'm obsessed with pumpkins. Not so much for decorating (although they're cool) but more the eating part. I will eat damn near anything if it is pumpkin flavored. Muffins are okay, but if it's a pumpkin muffin it's going down. I could pass on pancakes, but not my pumpkin spice friends. Pumpkin funnel cake?! WTF! How are you supposed to say 'no' to that. 
Luckily my friend Christina came with us and brought her sweet little baby so Corey and I didn't feel as weird about going. We don't like to be too creepy.

Just a little bit creepy.


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Lindsay said...

Was it Mimi's that we went that had those amazing pumpkin muffins? Are you going to be Texas Hold'em again this year?