Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bruges, Belgium

I love smaller cities so if you do too, go to Bruges. It is adorable, easy to navigate, quaint, full of deliciousness and overall enchanting. This city is old and was untouched during both World Wars so it retains all of its medieval charm.
I ate my weight in chocolate and waffles and didn't regret it for a second. If you wash it down with enough beer, you'll poop it all out the next day anyway.
Look at that little golfer! 

Mmmmm...the beer.

Your car must match your front door. Just kidding. But I think that's a great idea.

Unusual car to see in Europe.

Window details.

There is a canal around the city.

I love the buildings.

Could this be anymore adorable? No.
Little Tea Rooms everywhere.

Street view.

Boat rides on the canal.


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Sarah said...

this needs to be a feature in the next Martha Stewart magazine. So fun!