Saturday, July 13, 2013

Venice & How soon can you have your bags packed for Milan?

We celebrated our 4th anniversary in Venice. Italy is my new favorite place and our latest dream for a vacation home. We're dreamers so it's nothing serious. Why I love Italy:
The food
The accents
The wine
The buildings
The laid back culture
The water
Venice was so incredibly beautiful and such a crazy maze and pretty unbelievable. You can't stop taking pictures because every canal and alley is so unique and perfect. If you go to Venice here are my recommendations:
Stay in a hotel as close to the train station as possible
Don't bring a roller suitcase if you have to walk a ways
Prepare to get lost (good shoes, comfortable clothes, water, etc)
See a Vivaldi concert
Do the Venice Urban Adventures Chiccheti Tour

I want turquoise rolladens

Flower boxes everywhere

So many canals

I can't remember what building this is...

Seriously, I can't take the cuteness!

Heads up, gondola rides are a set price and they are 80 euro during the day

The Grand Canal

My favorite windows of all time

The bridges are steps, there are a lot of bridges, don't bring a roller suitcase

San Marco's Square

A heart in Venice

I was going to take a lot of door pictures, but this is the only one I got

Oh hi, I just live on a beautiful canal

Dressed up for Vivaldi! It's really not that classy but when in Venice...

A stop on the chiccheti tour

We left Venice and drove to Milan to see cousin Doug. We shopped at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest mall in the world, saw the Duomo then wined and dined the rest of the night with Doug (at Naboccu and I highly recommend it). I bought the world's cutest italian leather gloves and decided I'd rather be able to afford another trip back to Italy than buy anything else in Milan. Not cheap.

The Duomo

Shopping Mall

Frousins! (stolen copyright from Stefanie Farnsworth)


Binns Family said...

That looks amazing!!! Glad you had fun!

Sarah said...

Love it! And I think Angie will fight you on the Frousins copyright!