Saturday, June 8, 2013

I've Been Through the Desert

I returned to Bahrain and Oman last month. I went there this time last year and was asked (told) to go again. My Bahrain experience was better this year but I didn't get enough time in Oman to do all the things I wanted (the beach). 
The weather in Manama, Bahrain was perfect and there was no sand storm this year. We got a tour of a 2500 BC fort, went to the middle of the desert to see The Tree of Life, a 400 year old lonely tree and got tear gased during dinner. The tear gas was from Police attempts to stop a fight down the street we were having dinner on. Luckily we only felt a small amount of the effects. It was nothing like the tear, snot fest I experience in Basic Training. Hahahha! 

Taxi cabs in Bahrain

Fort Bahrain in Manama

Fort Bahrain

The Tree of Life

The beautiful desert night

Love notes by the Tree of Life

Arabic love notes in the sand 
Salalah, Oman is not an easy destination to reach so we took 3 flights from Bahrain and finally arrived after a 16 hour day. I was really hoping for some beach time but you can tell from my pasty, translucent skin that I didn't get that. We did go to Job's tomb and see his massive footprint that looks like BigFoot's. We saw a lot of camels, ate delicious food, almost ate camel, chickened out, found normal food and then came home with a stomach bug. I did lose 5 lbs though :) 

Desert flowers in Thumrait, Oman

Pretty sure this was the stomach bug culprit, Chicken 65

Accommodations in Thumrait, Oman

Always in the road!

SUV love!

Job's Tomb in the mountains near Salalah, Oman

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