Sunday, September 1, 2013

Salzburg, Austria

My sweet, adorable husband bought me tickets to the Salzburg Festival for my birthday and planned the whole fun-filled weekend for us. Then he had to go on a work trip that weekend so I took my girl friend whose birthday was the day after mine. It worked out well but I was sad that Corey didn't get to go.
We went to 2 concerts, toured 2 castles, ate at beautiful restaurants and enjoyed being the youngest people in the city. Turns out Salzburg is what you might call a retirement village. It's the Florida of Europe. Luckily I like old people things so we had a great time!
Werfen, Austria in front of the Burg Hohenwerfen.

Austrian Alps

Inside the castle

Hellbrun Palace outside of Salzburg.

Lovely place to dine.

Fountains at Hellbrun.

The unicorn compelled me.

We drove home and stopped at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. It was horrible and so sad of course, but I'm glad I made it out there. I would like to see a few more before we leave Germany so more to come. 

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Sarah said...

Will you take some pics of old people for me? I love old people travel pics. I'm not sure why. haha.