Sunday, June 3, 2012


After Bahrain, we flew to Salalah, Oman, picked up our sweet Land Cruiser (I now want another SUV more than a baby) and drove an hour through the effing craziest 2 lane winding mountain road to Thumrait. We worked there for a few days and tried to hang out in Salalah most of the time. Here are the things I noticed about Oman:
  • Super nice people
  • Women cover their entire face...they don't even show their eyes
  • Men wear the cutest little hats
  • Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Date trees everywhere
  • Really cheap gas
  • Beautiful beaches
  • HOT!
  • Camels crossing the freeway


Binns Family said...

You are making me jealous! I want to go to the beach so bad!

Stef said...

Your life is so exciting!! I am just going to live vicariously through you!

Sarah said...

I too want an SUV more than a baby.