Friday, June 22, 2012

Broken in Brussels

My luck has been bipolar lately. One minute I'll have something really great happen (like a free flight to Denver to see my family!) then someone breaks my back window and steals muh stuff! The next minute I end up making a lot more money than I expected from a work trip, then I lose my husband's car key at the gym (I'm driving his since my window is busted). We also got a notice from the IRS that we owe our entire refund from 2010...I've never felt like such an adult. I hate dealing with real life trials and especially when Corey is not here!
As a young(er) adult, I frequently experienced mini anxiety attacks whenever I would think about being an adult and surviving in the real world. The years have helped me deal with the anxiety but every now and then I revert to feeling like a helpless child. Or rather, wishing I didn't have to deal with the current crisis. Crisis meaning any obstacle in my daily life.
I'm happy to conclude this story with these feats: My window is fixed, the car key is found and we don't owe the IRS sh!t! I still have to send them proof of that, but at least we figured out what the proof is.

I parked next to a cathedral and a bank...this is what I found after 2 hours in the city!
The Belgian police hooked us up with some plastic and tape. Awesome.

ADAC breaking into Corey's car so I could get my purse and keys out. Ugh.  Sorry about your door, babe. It leaks just a little now :)

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Sarah said...

Kind of like running away to live in a van in Alaska? I feel ya.