Sunday, May 27, 2012


I lucked out and was selected to go on my shop's annual Bahrain/Oman trip. I'm in Bahrain this week and will be heading to Oman next. So, if you don't know where these countries are (I didn't really even know if they were cities, countries or amusement parks) here is a little help from our friend, a map.

Bahrain is a really small island in the Persian gulf and Oman is the bigger green country. Ironic because there is nothing green all. I haven't and won't really do much here due to civil unrest and cops beating people in the streets. Just the usual. However, Bahrain is pretty cool and I would like to explore it a little. It is the pearl capital of the world and there are boat excursions you can take to go pearl farming and get your own little gem from the sea. I thought about it and decided I'd rather not be thrown into a pile of burning tires just to get my own pearl. Also, there is a nasty sand storm going on right now and it is not pretty. 
View from my hotel (before the sand storm)

I have been exploring Bahrain and the Saudi Arabian peninsula online (a safer method of travel) and found that the more adventurous Arabian people are really into driving on two wheels. They start swerving their vehicles violently and roll onto two wheels and then they show off their skills by changing a tire, smoking some huka, checking the engine. Hilarious! Check out this video:

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Sarah said...

That video was insane. I fully support your method of exploring the region. I will send you a pearl necklace in the mail. It's not worth your life!! or running into those dudes on the road. Not many of your friends will be able to say they spent some time in the Middle East! Very cool.