Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Louisville & St. Louis

So far, so good. The driving hasn't been too bad because we're making a lot of stops...and because Corey is doing most of it. We went to Louisville and stopped by Churchill Downs and then did a tour at the Louisville Slugger factory. I thought Louisville was so pretty and it seemed like a fun place to live. We kind of hurried out of there so we could get to St. Louis in time for dinner at Pappy's (Man vs. Food restaurant) but they close early on Sunday.
Upon first arrival I thought that St. Louis was quite charming as well. Then we opened our car doors and the weather was less than charming. St. Louis is hot and nasty! We got some quick pictures under the arch and attempted to find another BBQ joint that was open on Sunday. Nothing was open and we ended up driving around the hood for about 20 minutes. I'm not just calling it hood 'cause I'm a white girl from a middle class suburban home. This place reminded me of favelas in Brazil and made Corey homesick for Iraq. Holy S*** St. Louis! Get your crap together and clean up your streets.
If you're looking for a nice family trip, I would recommend Louisville. If you want to get mugged or see some real life adventure on the streets, St. Louis is your city.

One day we'll go to the Kentucky Derby

Awkward alone picture. What do you do with your hands?!

They give you free bats after the tour...

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Binns Family said...

Cool Pictures! Looks like fun. We miss you already!