Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corey is Arizona

So our road trip was awesome and I didn't think leaving Corey in AZ was going to be a big deal since I can go visit whenever I want and he's still in America, but I'm still pretty sad about it and it's been 4 days. What has happened to me?! I used to be so independent and never felt any sense of loss when my living situations changed but I guess I'm just jealous that he gets a 3 bedroom house with a jacuzzi all to himself and I'm sleeping on a squeaky twin bed. No, I really miss him and kind of hate that I'm turning into a bigger wuss every year. Please tell me that all of you tough ladies have now become big sissies and cry way more often than you think you should.
Ok, well we got to Colo Springs and had so much fun with my sister, Dave, their kids, and my parents. We jumped on the trampoline a lot, went to the Rockies game with Amy and Dave and ate a ton of mama's home cooked food, which is always the best. We had to leave way too soon but got to see my Grandparents and more family in Tucson, then Corey went to Sierra Vista and I went to Phoenix to see some of my favorite people in the world, the Stansfields :) Or LJ and the fam. I finally got to meet Lindsay's youngest, Dylan, who is the handsomest little man and gave the best hugs and kisses. Once again, our visit was way too short but definitely better than nothing.
I hate missing such good friends and family all the time. I hope they all come visit me in Germany ;)
***I did a terrible job at getting pictures at the end of our trip so not everyone I wanted to show pictures of are posted. Sorry Linds!!! Please see the Stansfields' blog for pictures of their ADORABLE children.

Sweet little Annie

Corey and his cactus

Amy & Dave at the Rockies game

Me & Corey at the game


Natalie said...

Carrie - I have become the BIGGEST wuss since marrying Brad and an even bigger one after Paige was born. But yeah, I wasn't really expecting this huge surge of sensitivity as a result of being married. It's kinda weird.

Amy said...

If I could change one thing about my eternal destiny, I'd have God give me your boobs.

The Burts said...

Oh yes. I'm a huge wuss! Even more so after I had Audrey. You're def not alone. :) Miss you guys and hopefully we will see you soon! Thanksgiving? X-mas? or All of the above! :)

Binns Family said...

It was so fun to have you here...thanks for coming. The kids already want you guys back. It is had to be away from family. I am already being a wuss about you being gone for 2 or 3 years!