Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kansas City

Kansas City was the last short drive we had. It was about 5 hours from St. Louis. I just kept thinking how easy and quick our road trip had been...I had forgotten what the real west was like. After we left KC it was all 10 and 14 hour drives to our next destinations. I also hadn't been watching any news and didn't realize the midwest was in the middle of a terrible heat wave. Don't worry,  I found out at the Royals game where we were sitting in direct sunlight for most of the game. I honestly don't know why I sweat like a 400 lb man in a sauna, but it is uncomfortable! We left after the 7th inning stretch and I was a sticky mess until we got to Colorado Springs. It motivated me to push through the fatigue and get to my parents house without any stops.

We made it to a Man vs Food BBQ joint in Kansas City

The ribs were awesome!

So was the pulled pork :)

Corey wasn't as sweaty as me

Probably one of my favorite stadiums of all time

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Natalie said...

Mmm. Those ribs are lookin' mighty good!