Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Storm 2009

Our area got hit by a blizzard yesterday and left us with about 28 inches of snow. It depends on who you talk to. The weather channel had been talking about it for days so on Friday people were stocking up for the year's biggest storm. I found it funny how packed the supermarkets were and how long people willingly waited in line for. I'm lazy so if I enter a grocery store and find that the line will take any longer than 20 minutes, I'm outta there and Corey and I will drink water or eat our hands if it comes down to it. But really, the snow will probably last 2 days on the road. Why the crazy rush to the store?
Luckily we had enough food in our cupboards for 2-5 days so we were able to enjoy our evening and yesterday were all rested and ready to play in the snow. Our friends, Jason and Christina, have several 4 wheel drive vehicles so they picked us up and we went 4 wheelin' in the mountains. We pulled 2 people out of snow banks and we crossed a stream. The first guy we helped was great 'cause he looked like an Abercrombie model out on a date in his classic, retro Land Cruiser trying to impress a girl. They made it about 20 feet past the 'drive at your own risk' sign and ended up in the bank. I got out and took pictures to make him feel even more uncomfortable about the fact that some other guy had to help him out.

When we got home late last night, this is how I found my car. I can't stress how serious I am about the next place we move to WILL have a 2 car garage. I'm serious people. Very serious.

Here are some other pictures from the day.


Lindsay said...

oh my goodness!!! that is insane! Hilary just called and told me about it too, I can't believe it! Your poor car. Reminds you of the Utah days i'm sure. Does the Air Force every have "snow days"?

Lindsay said...

Oh, I was meaning to tell you, everyday when Allie asks to use her new cup she refers to it as her "auntie cup" :) When I say 'every day' i'm only partly serious, cause it's more like 17 times a day. And when she has hers, little sister wants hers as well. Good call getting them matching ones. You're smart.

Stef said...

That snow is complete crazy-town! AND...I LOVE your long locks of gorgeous hair!

Sarah said...

I never understood the rush to the grocery store. South Carolina was like that. All the milk and bread would be gone. But really, do you think you're going to be snowed in for more than a day in the South? Doesn't make much sense. I'm glad we missed this storm. We don't have any gear to to something fun or manly in the snow. Devin made it on the last flight out about 2 hours before the storm hit. Otherwise he would have been stuck for another 3 days, but he would have been about 2 plane tickets and $600 richer. :)