Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Well, we don't really have any unusual Christmas traditions so today was pretty much like most other Christian American families. We opened presents from under the tree, stayed in our pajamas most of the day and ate a lot. Corey made duck for our Christmas dinner and it was amazing. Pamela, Corey's mom, came over and we hung out all day cooking, eating, watching movies, playing Wii and laying around the house. Pretty uneventful but just the way I like it. After I opened all of my awesome presents I always like to put them all on and parade around the house. Corey got me an ipod shuffle for running, Mario Brothers and Oakleys I can wear with my uniform. I normally just wear my old unauthorized glasses but now I'll be totally legit! Except for my purse. I've yet to find a military approved purse. Oh well! It's better to ask forgiveness than permission. I also got a new blender/food processor from my mom that I love and the new Whitney Houston cd.
Corey got movies, gift cards for a new shotgun, a pigeon thrower, a new knife and a book. The real Christmas miracle today was the duck that Corey made. It literally tasted like an angel. He also made an incredible chocolate cake, pudding, oreo surprise with hot fudge all over it kind of thing. This is why I am completely helpless against obesity. One of my New Year's Resolution is to combat this horrible epidemic by not eating every 10 minutes as I have been doing all day. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all enjoy a safe and memorable New Years. New decade!!!

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Sarah said...

You totally scored in the gifts department. And the duck looks amazing. Maybe sometime we can go to the Peaking Duck in NYC China Town. They serve up a fantastic roast duck. By the way, you have me sold on the SB diet. That book is totally convincing. Although I don't think duck is on the approved eating list. ;)