Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have been off work since last Thursday and don't go back until Monday the 4th. Yes, I am the luckiest person alive. Yes, I've been resting A LOT. Some people might call it being lazy...they're just jealous. I literally have been wearing the same pajama bottoms my mom made me in 9th grade since Thursday. I've been wooing Corey with my mad hot sex appeal. Flannel pajama bottoms, oversized sweatshirt, furry boot slippers and grandma undies I bought on accident the other day. I paid $6 for those things. I can't just throw 'em away!
So today I dragged myself out of bed at 8 (doesn't sound too lazy but I get up at 3:30 am every normal day so I am sleeping in about 4 1/2 hours. Converted to a normal person's schedule, that's like getting up at noon) and was looking at facebook and blogs and decided to look at stranger's blogs until I found a connection. I think I started at Stefanie Farnsworth's blog and looked at someone on her list, secretly judged that person for being cooler than me, then clicked on one of their friends until about an hour later when I clicked on a blog by someone from Oregon that my cousin Josh had left a comment on.
I know you're amazed at my dedication and determination. I've accomplished a lot today and I know you can do the same. Use me as your mental motivation this New Years as you're trying to achieve your resolutions. We all have days where it doesn't seem possible to achieve those goals but when the going gets tough, remember me, sitting on my couch in my pajama bottoms that have lasted 14 years (on a gross side note, these pajamas were made out of my older brothers bed sheets. Thanks mom), my furry boots that keep me warm 'cause the thermostat isn't within arm's reach and all the obstacles I overcame to find the one connection I so desired. Well, 1 New Year's Resolution down! My next resolution will be to turn 29! I am not into goals I can't achieve.

What can I say? Corey is a lucky man. You're lucky I didn't show off the granny panties!!!


Paula said...

Glad that the pj's are still keeping you warm. You look so cute, only a mom could love. I think that Amy still wears her now famous pj's too.

Love you Mom

Stef said...

The reason I hate you is that you still look super hot in frumpy clothes. HATE!
Oh, and thanks for reading my blog! Your comments always make my day!

Binns Family said...

I do not have my pj bottoms anymore. They were worn out long ago. I do wish I still had them...they were the best. And, I am very jealous of your ability to sleep in. Even when I try it just does not work out for me. Yes, and having 3 little kids does not help either. Why are you not here if you have so much time off?

Hilary said...

So you found me blog-hopping, eh? I am assuming, based on this particular blog post. Forget the EASY way (via Lindsay's blog...). :-)

I enjoy making your bread, practically every week. It was worth the wait (Linds said that you took so long getting back to her with the recipe because you are saving our country).

Great to hear from you!

Lindsay said...

So Danny and I play that Mario Brothers game in like 4 hour chunks. I'm not kidding. We've totally beaten it and have gone back to do the extra stuff. We are really cool. Cool enough even that I think I need a pair of pajamas made out of 25 year old bedsheets. If only...

Christie said...

Carrie I totally cracked up at this post! You are hilarious and your PJ's are awesome...good job Paula! You should for sure come to Portland and visit us in Eugene! We would love that!!!