Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Man Boy Cub Has Arrived

My sweet angel!

Dad and his mini-me

My beautiful son arrived 6 weeks ago and life has been a roller coaster. Being a new mom is hard on so many levels that I didn't expect and just when I think I'm getting the hang of something or feeling balance in my life, a new curve ball hits me in the face.
I had so much support from family the first few weeks and it was wonderful. So many loving people to hold the baby and help me recover and then everyone was gone, including my husband, and I was left alone with an infant. Then we had a hurricane...
I'm so lucky that I didn't lose my home like so many others that were literally less than a mile away, but we did lose power and water for 3 days, and I also lost my mind. Looking back it really was just glamping with a newborn, but it felt so much heavier. Also, I reminded myself that this was normal not too long ago, and still is for many people in the world, but mixed with postpartum emotion, no rational thought can make you feel better.
Due to the storm, and some unforeseen circumstances, I quit breastfeeding and switched my angel to formula. Once things calmed down I decided to start back up and it didn't take long to get my supply back. Then very quickly I developed mastitis and an abscess. I'm talking 3 days and I had to have my boob sliced open to alleviate the swelling infected mass. The whole ordeal is nauseating and the pain has been some of the worst I've ever experienced, so at 6 weeks my baby is all formula fed. It had to happen before I went back to work but I am a little sad. I'm also a little happy because I feel like I have so much more time on my hands and I love that I can eat or drink whatever I want and my child will not be affected.
This has pushed my goal of returning to work in shape, back a few weeks, but all I care about now is mine and my baby's health. Oh how things turn out so different than we expect sometimes. I still think it's important to have goals and a plan, but I like to be flexible so I'm not too depressed when they don't work out. Like my goal to pump for a year...6 weeks'll do!
On to the pictures! I've taken a few ;)

Straight Outta Momma

Newborn photo session with J. Marie Photography

He was so skinny! He weighed 7 lb and was 21 in at birth

Sleep smiles

Happy boy

Sleepy boy

4 generations! I had lots of help

Pamela's first grandson

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