Friday, September 2, 2016

Knocked Up

Corey and I just celebrated our seventh anniversary! We've had more exciting anniversary getaways but due to the false claim that "what happens in Colombia, stays in Colombia" we sort of stayed in where I could enjoy air conditioning since I am 7 months pregnant. 8 more weeks until we get to meet Johnny Lewis and I cannot wait. Pregnancy has it's good moments but overall I could do without. I truly enjoy feeling him move around and River Dance on my bladder, but I think I'm going to like having him screaming in my arms more. We'll see!

My first look at the cause of my nausea

We got to wear civilian clothes to my military ball!

I got promoted! Corey was there to pin me :)

He was not shy about showing off his gender

I take full advantage

Babyshower in Asheville, NC

Creepy 3D photo that shows off his cute lips!

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